Questions and Answers

We Transport All types of equipment, from cars, trucks as well as storage equipment, agricultural machinery, building machinery, etc.

The Minimum call price is 30.00 EUR in Riga. Next, the call price depends on the complexity of the call and the distance.

Everything depends on the load, but it’s a maximum hour in Riga. Outside of Riga arrival time depends on the distance.

Yes, work 24h, all year round.

There are 12 technical units as well as a technical assistance car.

Auto24evakuators.lv works with a 24-hour tyre change service, so You will get to the nearest service, after this situation has occurred.

We have special transportation trolleys for Such cases, and for Mercedes Benz – a freewheel

Yes, we have all sorts of equipment needed to rip the machine out of the ditch and other hard-to-reach locations.

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